Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Morning After Blues

First, I want to thank all of you who follow me through the various avenues the internet has to offer (Flickr, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, my website). In just over a year, I have fallen in love with landscape long exposure photography as evidenced by the fact that not a single underwater shot has made this blog...yet.

And just today, I was invited to talk at the annual congress for PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa) next October. We shall see about that one, but it certainly is an exciting opportunity.

Now, to this shot. I could have called it "The Hangover Blues", which certainly would have been more appropriate. Regardless, I was really impressed with the blues more than the vivid pinks and reds. You see, after the workshop on Saturday, my girlfriend and I drove over to her sister's apartment in San Francisco. Greeted with wine and beer was certainly nice after a long day. We then walked a couple blocks to a great little Italian restaurant and partook in even more red wine. Back at the apartment, it was one more glass of the fermented grape elixir.

Unfortunately, I get quite congested after drinking, especially wine. And the sofa bed we slept on was certainly comfortable under the influence, but I predicted upon awakening in the night, falling back asleep would be next to impossible. It was. At 5am, I got up to use the bathroom and the realization hit that falling back asleep was not an option. After 15 minutes of resting on the couch in the other room, I finally looked outside. Strips of clouds were just barely visible. Not knowing my way around the city, especially in the dark, I knew what I had to do...wake up my sleeping girlfriend.

She begrudgingly obliged. You see, her sleep was even worse than mine due to my habit of snoring, worsened with alcohol. But she did, and I am certainly happy with that fact.


  1. Ha, hungover and sleep deprived and you still get a great shot!! I love these blues. It was real fun meeting you and Kendra this weekend. You're a great teacher and I'm excited for your involvement with the Academy. See you on the 5th!

  2. Thanks Amber! Nice to meet you, too. Camelot was tasty, but maybe next time I'll bring my own tartar sauce. ;)

  3. A beautiful shot Jim! Hope the hangover is--uh-- over! :)

  4. That is a beautiful shot - who needs alcohol when you have a vista like that? ;)

  5. great photos! hey, have you got your snoring checked? see if you have sleep apnea, and then if its not too bad go to a dentist thats certified in sleep to get an oral appliance made!!!!