Monday, March 16, 2009

The Power of Positive Thinking

So there we were, my girlfriend Kendra and I, sitting through light mist to mild sprinkles getting wetter by the minute, and I kept hoping the clouds would break and the sun would make a dramatic appearance.

I kept telling Kendra, "maybe we'll get lucky and have some glorious sun break through". We were getting wetter. We started looking for a place to seek shelter, but to no avail.

Yet we stuck around. I'm actually quite surprised we didn't just pack it up and call it a night. There appeared to be no relief for the gloom and doom we were experiencing.

A little light crept into the horizon, a dampened yellow glow. But the rain persisted. We held out hope and I reiterated "this could turn into something really nice, if only the rain would stop".

And then it did! The skies opened, a patch of blue sky appeared, and the race was on to capture the scene.

The power of positive thinking!

I really wanted a shot looking north. One, the little offshore rock in the distance marks the south end of Hole In The Wall Beach, a spot I have grown to love and appreciate. And it just so happened that the window of light that just opened was in that general direction. Oh sweet glorious light!

I have at least two more images from tonight as we happily snapped away at the clearing in the sky as it headed south across the ocean.


  1. Jim -

    You may want to replace a link to the image.

    I've learned a lesson too. It does pay off to stay and hope. When I got to the beach, the sky was completely gray, but all was about to change within 30 minutes.

  2. Ivan, I changed the link, I replaced the image once yesterday to include my "signature". I guess flickr makes a new link each time.

  3. Beautiful Images, its just awesome!!!